Our services

 We offer a range of services that extend from relatively light touch support to full-service.


This is a no-commitment option that is primarily aimed at clients who believe they want to work with us but are perhaps uncertain as to which package would work best for their needs. We will give you instructions to prepare for our meeting and then we will walk through your exact circumstances and advise you on the structure we believe would be most appropriate. Should you decide to purchase a package, the cost of this meeting will be deducted from said purchase.


Our gold package is aimed at clients who have the time to carry out their due diligence efforts on their own but would like a guiding hand. There will be two meetings, one at the beginning and one at the end. The initial meeting will focus on a framework and process that is tailored to the client's needs. The final meeting will be at the end of the client's due diligence efforts. Prior to this meeting, we will ask the client to send through a bundle of any information that they wish for us to review and comment on. 


The Platinum package is for clients who wish to outsource a specific part of due diligence work. As we can only review public information, the work undertaken will focus on areas such as board of director connections or financial strength. Additionally, we will also provide guidance for non-public due diligence efforts.


This is our full service option. Clients will be given a questionnaire to complete following the introductory meeting. From there, our staff will undertake all of the due diligence work that is publicly available and provide guidance for non-public due diligence. Upon completion of our work, a full report containing a summary of our findings will be given to the client.


Clients sometimes have specific projects or areas of interest that they wish to explore which may not naturally fit into any of the above packages. In these situations, we can offered a tailored solution. Under packages, please select the bespoke option and complete the purchase. Following our initial discussion and an agreement on the scope of work, a revised invoice will be prepared for payment.

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